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PerkinElmer EH ASTM D7066 Analysis Pack for the Spectrum Two & Frontier - L1608006

Price: £2,001.18

Contains accessories, consumables and application software to perform ASTM D7066-04 (extraction into hydrocarbon-free solvent and then transmission FT-IR). Comprises: Cuvette Holder, 2 x Cuvette 10mm, Environmental Hydrocarbons Touch Apps S/W Kit Includes Touch AppsTM software and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to support the routine measurement of oil and grease in water and soil samples by FT-IR spectroscopy. The software may be used together with any Environmental Hydrocarbons FT-IR Analysis Pack, and any Spectrum Two, Frontier, Spectrum 100 or Spectrum One series FT-IR spectrometer. Spectrum Touch software provides a simplified, workflow-driven environment for faster, more reproducible analyses. Touch AppsTM software is included for the following methods: ASTM D7066 (2004) - Oil extracted into a hydrocarbon-free solvent, and quantified by transmission measurement. HATR method - Oil extracted into a volatile solvent, and the solvent evaporated from the HATR crystal. Cyclohexane method - Oil extracted into cyclohexane, and quantified by transmission measurement. The SOPs provide clear instructions for day-to-day use of the system. Calibration files are provided to enable the system to be used with minimum setup overheads. A User’s Guide is included, containing instructions for the validation and maintenance of these calibrations, the preparation of samples, as well as instructions for maintenance of the system and customization of the Spectrum Touch applications.

  • Model: L1608006
  • Manufactured by: PerkinElmer