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PerkinElmer Environmental Hydrocarbon ATR Application Pack (incl. PE HATR) for the Spectrum Two & Frontier - L1608008

Price: £4,627.06

Contains accessories, consumables and application software to perform oil in water measurements by ATR. Comprises: Spectrum Two HATR, ZnSe 45 deg Top plate – Flat, 25um micro pipette, Pipette tips, Environmental Hydrocarbons Touch Apps S/W Kit Includes Touch AppsTM software and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to support the routine measurement of oil and grease in water and soil samples by FT-IR spectroscopy. The software may be used together with any Environmental Hydrocarbons FT-IR Analysis Pack, and any Spectrum Two, Frontier, Spectrum 100 or Spectrum One series FT-IR spectrometer. Spectrum Touch software provides a simplified, workflow-driven environment for faster, more reproducible analyses. Touch AppsTM software is included for the following methods: ASTM D7066 (2004) - Oil extracted into a hydrocarbon-free solvent, and quantified by transmission measurement. HATR method - Oil extracted into a volatile solvent, and the solvent evaporated from the HATR crystal. Cyclohexane method - Oil extracted into cyclohexane, and quantified by transmission measurement. The SOPs provide clear instructions for day-to-day use of the system. Calibration files are provided to enable the system to be used with minimum setup overheads. A User’s Guide is included, containing instructions for the validation and maintenance of these calibrations, the Spectrum Touch applications Contains accessories, consumables and application software to perform used oil analysis.

  • Model: L1608008
  • Manufactured by: PerkinElmer