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PerkinElmer FTIR Nutraceutical Compliance Resource Pack for the Spectrum Two & Frontier - L1608005

Price: £1,683.53

The FT-IR Nutraceutical Compliance Resource Pack facilitates IR spectroscopy analysis for Nutraceutical and Traditional Medicine professionals. The pack covers the requirements of seven key Pharmacopoeias (USP, BP, EP, IP, JP, CP and IntPhr). The quality assessment of most of natural products is supported by an included nutraceutical starter set of spectra. The kit: i) Facilitates rapid testing and release of samples in accordance with specific Pharmacopeia regulations, increasing lab productivity. ii) Provides quality assurance for nutraceutical ingredients. iii) Provides training and skills development via tailored experiments.

  • Model: L1608005
  • Manufactured by: PerkinElmer