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Quadrex GC Columns

Utilizing high purity fused silica tubing, Quadrex manufactures a complete range of GC capillary columns in all standard I.D.s and lengths and the widest range of film thickness- es is available from any source. Specialty columns for pharmaceutical, environmental, petrochemical, triglyceride and high tempera- ture applications are also featured. Custom lengths and films are always available. Mechanically durable Ultra-ALLOY stainless steel capillary columns from Frontier Labs are also available for process GCs and other high vibration environments. They also provide com-mon GC consumables such as ferrules, injector liners, syringes, carrier gas traps, and septa.


Quadrex synthesizes all siloxane phases in-house to insure the highest possible quality and reproducibility. All Quadrex phases are bonded to the silica substrate and crosslinked. Our stringent QA/QC program governs the production of all in-house phases which ensures in accurate selectivity, reproducibility, and outstanding thermal stability.


Porous polymer (PLOT) columns are produced using various adsorbents and are ideal for fixed gases and light hydrocarbon applica- tions. PLOT columns are offered in 0.32mm and 0.53mm IDs.


Quadrex columns are available in all industry- standard IDs and lengths. They can also produce any custom length required for your application or Method.