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SHINWA Ion Exclusion HPLC Columns

ULTRON PS-80H Ion Exclusion HPLC Columns

HPLC Columns for Organic Acid Analyses

ULTRON PS-80H columns are HPLC columns packed with a sulfonic acid type polystyrene cation exchange resin designed for organic acid analyses.


  • ULTRON PS-80H columns utilize electrostatic repulsion interactions.
  • ULTRON PS-80H columns display excellent retention reproducibility.
  • ULTRON PS-80H columns are durable due to the use of a mechanically strong polymer gel.


  • Aliphatic, aromatic organic acids
  • Alcohols, aldehydes, diols
  • Monitoring of fermentation processes

Fittings: Waters compatible
Maximum operating pressure: 40 kgf/cm2
Maximum operating temperature: 90°C
pH range: pH 2-6