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Shodex HPLC Column Asahipak ES-502C 7C ID 7,6mm L 100mm - F7640001

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Cation Exchange Chromatography Columns

Asahipak ES-502C 7C HPLC Standard Column - 9μm - 7.5mm I.D. x 100mm Length

Shodex Product Number: F7640001

Polymer-based cationexchange chromatography (CEX) with Weak Carboxymethyl group


Description Asahipak ES-502C 7C 100x7.6mm
Quantity 1 pc
Chemistry Producers Term ES
Base Material Polyvinyl alcohol
Functional Group Carboxymethyl
Mode of Separation Ion Exchange/Exclusion Chromatography
Shipping Solvent 0.1 M Sodium phosphate buffer (pH4.4)
Ion Exchange Capacity (meq/g) 0.55
Internal Diameter 7.6 mm
Length 100 mm
Brand Asahipak
Particle Size 9 µm
pH Minimum 2.0
pH Maximum 12.0
Pore Size 2000 Å


  • Compared to IEC series columns, polyvinyl alcohol is used as base material offering different separation pattern
  • Low hydrophobic interaction with proteins allows analysis under mild conditions
  • Suitable for: Proteins Peptides - Ion exchange | Drugs Metabolites - Ion exchange | Hormones/Neurotransmitters - Ion exchange 

Range of Cation Exchange Chromatography Columns

Product Name Ion Exchange Capacity
Base Material Particle Size
Pore Size
Column Size (mm)
I.D. x Length
Shipping Solvent
Strong cation exchange resin [Functional Group: Sulfopropyl] | Standard column
F6118250 IEC SP-825 0.4 Polyhydroxymethacrylate 8 5,000 8.0 x 75 50 mM Na2SO4 aq.
F6113100 IEC SP-FT 4A 0.2 Polyhydroxymethacrylate 2.7 4.6 x 10 20 mM *MES buffer (pH5.6)
Weak cation exchange resin [Functional Group: Carboxymethyl] | Standard column
F6110002 IEC CM-825 0.4 Polyhydroxymethacrylate 8 5,000 8.0 x 75 50 mM Na2SO4 aq.
F7640001 Asahipak ES-502C 7C 0.55 Polyvinyl alcohol 9 2,000 7.5 x 100 0.1 M Sodium phosphate
buffer (pH4.4)
Amino acid analysis column [Functional Group: Sulfo (Na+) ] | Standard column
F6354211 CXpak P-421S ≥ 3,500 Styrene divinylbenzene copolymer 6 4.6 x 150 H2O
F6700210 CXpak P-G (guard column) Styrene divinylbenzene copolymer 6 4.6 x 10 H2O

  • Model: F7640001
  • Manufactured by: Showa Denko