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Shodex HPLC Column ODP2 HPG-4A ID 4,6mm L 10mm - F6714010

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ODP2 columns with small pores

ODP2 HPG-4A HPLC Standard Guard Column - 5μm - 4.6mm I.D. x 10mm Length

Shodex Product Code: F6714010

The robust polymer-based reversed phase RP chromatography columns for small molecules in protein matrix


Description ODP2 HP-4E 250x4.6mm
Quantity 1 pc
Chemistry Producers Term HP
Matrix Polyhydroxymethacrylate
Mode of Separation Polymer based Reversed Phase Column
Plates per column ≥ 17,000
Housing material steel
Maximum pressure 15 MPa (150 bar)
Maximum flow rate 1.0 mL/min
Temperature range 20 to 60°C
Salt concentration ≤ 0.1 M
Internal Diameter 4.6 mm
Length 250 mm
Brand ODP2
Particle Morphology Polyhydroxymethacrylate
Particle Size 5 µm
pH Minimum 2.0
pH Maximum 12.0
Pore Size 40 Å
Shipping solvent H2O/ACN=55/45

ODP2 HP columns

The Shodex ODP2 HP series offers polymer–based columns for reversed phase chromatography. The efficiency of ODP2 HP columns is improved over most resin-based columns and is comparable with that of silica-based ODS columns. They don't contain C18 functional groups, the separation comes from the particle itself.

ODP2 HP has a better retention of highly polar substances compared to most general purpose silica-based C18 columns. Silica-based C18 ODS columns are susceptible to protein adsorption, resulting in degradation of the column. ODP2 HP is designed to exclude protein and thus, ODP2 HP can be used for analysis of drugs in biological samples containing protein without rapid column deterioration. As ODP2 HP can be used with low salt concentration without loss of peak shapes, it is excellent for LC/MS analysis.

  • Provides a large theoretical plate number nearly twice as much as generally available polymer-based reversed phase columns do
  • Offers enhanced retention of high polar substances compared to ODS columns
  • Suitable for the analysis of small molecules such as pharmaceuticals in the presence of protein matrix
  • Ideal for LC/MS analysis of high polar compounds
  • Fulfills USP-NF L39 requirements - A hydrophilic polyhydroxymethacrylate gel of totally porous spherical resin.
  • Ideal for Drugs Metabolites - Reversed phase 

The material is completely silanol-free and therefore proteins are not adsorbed in the column.

Product code Product name Plate number (TPN/column) Particle size (μm) Size (mm) I.D. x Length Shipping solvent
Standard columns
F7622001 ODP2 HP-4B ≥ 3,500 5 4.6 x 50 CH3CN/H2O=45/55
F7622002 ODP2 HP-4D ≥ 10,000 5 4.6 x 150 CH3CN/H2O=45/55
F7622003 ODP2 HP-4E   ≥ 17,000 5 4.6 x 250 CH3CN/H2O=45/55
F6714010 ODP2 HPG-4A (guard column) 5 4.6 x 10


Semi-micro columns
F7622004 ODP2 HP-2B ≥ 3,000 5 2.0 x 50  
F7622005 ODP2 HP-2D   ≥ 7,000 5 2.0 x 150  
F6714011 ODP2 HPG-2A (guard column) 5 2.0 x 10  
Preparative columns [Preparative columns are made to order.]
F6822001 ODP2 HP-10E ≥ 9,500 6 10.0 × 250 CH3CN/H2O=45/55
F6714015 ODP2 HPG-7B (guard column) 6 7.5  ×  50 CH3CN/H2O=45/55

  • Model: F6714010
  • Manufactured by: Showa Denko