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Tosoh TSKgel NH2-100 DC for Direct Coupling 2D LC to Other HPLC Column, 3 μm, ID 4.6 mm x L 5 cm - 21999

Normal Phase / Hydrophilic Interaction

TSKgel NH2-100 DC for Direct Coupling 2D LC to Other HPLC Column, 3 μm, ID 4.6 mm x Length 5 cm

The new TSKgel NH2-100 amino columns expand the selectivity range of TSKgel HILIC solutions. It is well suited for all separations requiring amino functional groups. In contrast to conventional silica-based amino phases it offers expanded stability under HILIC conditions, the prerequisite for high reproducibility and reliable results. TSKgel NH2-100 is suited for the analysis of all types of hydrophilic compounds like carbohydrates, vitamines or polar metabolites.

The TSKgel NH2-100 HILIC phase is based on a 3 µm silica particle with 100 Å pores, which is treated with a special endcapping procedure. Aminoalkyl groups are introduced step wisely after endcapping. The amino groups act as HILIC functional groups without any peak splits. Due to a high ligand density and large surface area TSKgel NH2-100V 3 µm columns show high retention for very polar compounds.



Pore size (silica):100 Å 

Particle size:3 μm 

pH stability:2.0 - 7.5

Functional group:Aminoalkyl

Max. temperature:80 °C (50°C for 3 µm)

Comparison of selectivity. Separation of water soluble vitamins on a TSKgel Amide-80 and TSKgel NH2-100 column 

Columns:        TSKgel NH2-100V 3 μm, 
                       4.6 mm i.d. × 15 cm L
                       TSKgel Amide-80 3 μm, 
                       4.6 mm i.d. × 15 cm L
Peaks:            1 = nicotinamide; 2 = vitamin B2;
                       3 = pyridoxine; 4 = nicotinic acid; 
                       5 = vitamin C; 6 = vitamin B1; 
                       7 = vitamin B12
Mobile phase: 25 mM phosphate buffer 
                       (pH 2.5) / ACN = 30/70
Flow rate:      1 mL/min
Temperature:  40 °C
Detection:       UV @ 254 nm

  • Model: 21999
  • Manufactured by: Tosoh BioScience