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Tosoh TSKgel CM-5PW Guardgel Kit - 13069

Ion Exchange Chromatography

TSKgel CM-5PW Cation Exchange Guardgel Kit for
CM-5PW ID 7.5 mm x Length 7.5 cm Column

 columns are packed with porous hydrophilic polymer beads which are surface modified with a weak cation exchanger. They are used for the separation and analysis of proteins, peptides, and other biologically active molecules.

Product Attributes:
Base materialhydroxylated methacrylic polymer

Particle size (mean):10 and 13 μm

Pore size:1,000 Å

Functional group:

Counter ion:Na+

pH range:2.0 -12.0

(mg Hb/mL):

Small ion capacity:> 0.1 meq/mL


Selectivity of TSKgel strong and weak cation exchangers

  • Model: 13069
  • Manufactured by: Tosoh BioScience