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TSKgel Silica-Based Columns

 Reversed Phase Columns: Silica-based

  • Spherical silica with 100Å pores allows fast mass transfer of solutes in the 100 to 6,000Da MW range.
  • Silica surface has low metal content.
  • Monomeric-bonded phase chemistry for optimal lot-to-lot reproducibility.
  • The subscript 'm' indicates that the material has been endcapped. The 's' subscript denotes a more exhaustive endcapping reaction to shield the silica surface to interact with charged solutes.
  • Available in particle sizes of 5µm,10µm, and 20µm.
  • Large surface area and high sample capacity.
  • General purpose Reversed Phase columns.

    Please browse our catalogue of Silica-based reversed phase TSK columns by clicking on a link below.