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Tosoh TSKgel SuperHZ3000 GPC Column, 3 µm, ID 6 mm x L 15 cm - 19305

Gel Permeation Chromatography

TSKgel SuperHZ3000 GPC Column, 3 µm, ID 6 mm x Length 15 cm
Guard Column Available - P/N: 19666

The TSKgel SuperHZ column line consists of five columns with different pore sizes, TSKgel SuperHZ1000 through TSKgel SuperHZ4000, and three columns with an extended linear range of the calibration curve, TSKgel SuperHZM-N, TSKgel SuperHZM-M and TSKgel SuperHZM-H. 

Main characteristics for SuperHZ-type columns are:

  • TSKgel SuperHZ columns have been developed for High Throughput, High Efficiency GPC applications such as those encountered in combinatorial chemistry experiments.
  • Ultra-low sample adsorption, i.e., the columns show true size exclusion behavior for most polymers
  • Maximum operating temperature for TSKgel SuperHZ-type columns is 60°C for TSKgel SuperHZ1000, SuperHZ2000, SuperHZ2500 and SuperHZ3000, and 80°C for the remaining columns in the product line. See TSKgel SuperH-type columns for operating temperatures of 140°C.
  • Limited solvent range. The columns are shipped in THF, which can be exchanged for a limited number of organic solvents as shown below.

Beware of extra-column bandbroadening

Column dimensions are 6 mm ID x 15 cm L and 4.6 mm ID x 15 cm L versus 7.8 mm ID x 30 cm L for conventional GPC columns. The smaller column dimensions translate to a reduction of peak volume by a factor of 3.4 (6 mm ID) and a factor of 5.8 (4.6 mm ID) versus the same component eluting from a corresponding TSKgel Hxl column. Thus, your HPLC system may require optimization of components that can give rise to extra-column bandbroadening, such as connecting tubing, injector, injection volume, detector cell volume, and detector time constant.

TSKgel SuperHZ3000 columns are packed with rigid, porous, polymer beads. They are used for the non-aqueous separation of solvent-soluble small molecules and oligomers less than 60,000 Da. The THF shipping solvent may be replaced by a limited number of organic solvents.

Product Attributes:

Particle size (mean):3 µm 

Pore size (mean):75 Å

Exclusion limit:60,000 Da

Max. temp:60 °C

Shipping solvent:THF 

  • Model: 19305
  • Manufactured by: Tosoh BioScience