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Tosoh TSKgel Alpha-M GPC Column, 13 μm, ID 7.8 mm x L 30 cm - 18344

Gel Permeation Chromatography

TSKgel Alpha-M GPC Column, 13 μm, ID 7.8 mm x Length 30 cm
TSKgel Alpha Guard Column available P/N: 18345

TSKgel Alpha-M
 columns are so-called mixed-bed columns with an extended linear calibration range. They are packed with rigid, porous, polymer beads which show minimal shrinkage or swelling in different solvent systems. They are best used for the separation of polymers that are soluble in polar organic solvents such as methanol, ethanol, DMF, THF, HFIP, DMSO, 2-propanol, and acetonitrile. 

Product Attributes:
Matrix: hydrophilic methacrylate

Particle size (mean):13 µm

Polyethylene oxide> 10^7 Da (water)

Polystyrene (THF) 10 million Da

Shipping solvent: water

Max. pressure drop:2 MPa

TSKgel Alpha-M separation of cellulose derivatives

  • Model: 18344
  • Manufactured by: Tosoh BioScience