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Tosoh TSKgel BioAssist G2SWxl Peek GFC Column, 5 μm, ID 7.8 mm x L 30 cm - 20027

Gel Filtration Chromatography

TSKgel BioAssist G2SWxl Peek GFC Column, 5 μm, ID 7.8 mm x Length 30 cm
Guard Column Available 7 μm, ID 8 mm x L 4 cm P/N: 18008

TSKgel SWXL columns, introduced in 1987, represent the 2nd generation of high performance Gel Filtration columns that have become synonymous with analyzing protein molecular weights in the emerging field of biotechnology. 

Particle Characteristics
TSKgel SWXL columns contain smaller particles than SW columns; 5 and 8 µm versus 10 and 13µm. As the TSKgel SW-type columns, TSKgel SWXL columns feature highly porous silica particles, the surface of which has been shielded from interacting with proteins by derivatization with ligands containing diol functional groups. TSKgel SWXL columns stand out from other silica- or polymer-based high performance size exclusion columns by virtue of their large pore volumes. These columns are commonly used in the quality control of monoclonal antibodies and other biopharma products. 

Widely considered the premium columns for analyzing biopolymers by GFC, TSKgel G2000SWxl columns feature high pore volume per unit column volume, low sample adsorption and excellent column efficiency, all contributing to unsurpassed sample resolution.

With 5 μm particles and 125 Å pores, TSKgel G2000SWxl is an excellent choice for small proteins and peptide separations. The fractionation range is applicable for globular protein samples up to 150,000 Da.

Product Attributes:
Base material:Silica

Particle size (mean):5 μm

Pore size:125 Å

Functional group:Diol

pH stability:2.5 - 7.5

Calibration range:5,000 - 150,000 (globular proteins)


Higher resolution with TSKgel G2000SWxl 
compared with TSKgel G2000SW

  • Model: 20027
  • Manufactured by: Tosoh BioScience