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Tosoh TSKgel G2000SW Silica-based SEC Column, 13 μm, ID 21.5 mm x L 60 cm - 05146

Gel Filtration Chromatography

TSKgel G2000SW Stainless Steel Silica-based SEC Column, 13 μm, ID 21.5 mm x Length 60 cm

TSKgel SW columns, introduced in 1977, were the first of a long line of high performance Gel Filtration columns that have become synonymous with analyzing protein molecular weights in the emerging field of biotechnology. 

Particle Characteristics
TSKgel SW-type columns are based on highly porous silica particles, the surface of which has been shielded from interacting with proteins by derivatization with ligands containing diol functional groups. TSKgel SW-type columns stand out from other silica- or polymer-based high performance size exclusion columns by virtue of their large pore volumes.

Calibration Curves
The figure below shows the calibration curves for globular proteins, polyethylene oxides and dextrans for each of the three TSKgel SW-type columns. The following table summarizes the molecular weight ranges for TSKgel G2000SW, TSKgel G3000SW and TSKgel G4000SW columns for globular proteins, polyethylene oxides and dextrans that can, at least partially, access the particle pores. For comparative purposes, similar data is provided as well for TSKgel SWxl and TSKgel SuperSW-type columns.

As the first generation of silica-based SEC columns, TSKgel G2000SW provides excellent separation of peptides and proteins with molecular weights up to 100,000 Da.

TSKgel G2000SW columns start at 10 μm for analytical columns and also scale to 13 μm in columns up to 21.5 mm ID for preparative purifications.

Polyethylene oxide, dextran and protein calibration curves for TSKgel SW columns

Product Attributes:
Base materialSilica

Particle size (mean):10 and 13 μm

Pore size:125 Å

Functional group:Diol

pH stability:2.5 - 7.5

Calibration range:5,000-1x10^5 Da (globular proteins)

Comparison of the pore sizes of TSKgel SW packings for the separation of a protein mixture

  • Model: 05146
  • Manufactured by: Tosoh BioScience