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Tosoh TSKgel G2500PWxl Aqueous SEC Column, 7 μm, ID 7.8 mm x L 30 cm - 08020

Price: £1,670.00

Gel Filtration Chromatography

TSKgel G2500PWxl Aqueous SEC Column, 7 μm, ID 7.8 mm x Length 30 cm
Guard Column Available - P/N: 08033
Top-Off for PWxl, 1 g Available - P/N: 08035

Tosoh's polymer-based gel filtration columns are either prepared from polymethacrylate resin (TSKgel PW, PWXL and PWXL-CP) or from hydroxylated polyvinyl (TSKgel Alpha and SuperAW) resin. Each resin type can be synthesized in a wide variety of different pore sizes. The four major product groups also differ from one another in average particle size. A more important distinction is, however, the range of solvents that can be used with each product line.

Hydroxylated polymethacrylate beads

  • From water to 20% (under some conditions 50%) organic solvents

    • TSKgel PWXL and 
      TSKgel PWXL-CP, 7-13 
    • TSKgel PW, 12-17 μm

Hydroxylated polyvinyl beads

  • Water and most polar organic solvents

    • TSKgel SuperAW, 4-9 μm
    • TSKgel Alpha, 7-13 μm

Each product group contains columns with distinctly different pore sizes, and one mixed-bed column.

TSKgel PWxl columns are composed of spherical, hydrophilic polymethacrylate beads. The main application area for TSKgel PWxl columns is the analysis of water-soluble polymers, such as celluloses, acrylamides, glycols, dextrans, polyvinylalcohol, and oligosaccharides. See the table on the TSKgel PW page for typical samples and suitable eluents. Figure 1 shows the calibration curves for all TSKgel PWxl-type columns. Figure 2 shows the benefits of TSKgel PWxl columns over PW columns, namely the improved resolution due to the smaller particle sizes used in PWxl columns.

TSKgel G2500PWxl columns are ideally suited for analysis of water-soluble linear polymers with molecular weights up to 3,000 Da. Because of the presence of cationic groups on the base bead of TSKgel G2500PWxl, this column is not suited for separating anionic polymers. The smaller particle size of TSKgel PWxl-type columns provide 1.7 x higher resolution than their PW counterpart, making TSKgel PWxl-type columns more suitable for analytical purposes.

Product Attributes:
Base material:hydroxylated polymethacrylate

Particle size (mean):7 μm

Pore size:< 200 Å

Calibration range: < 3000 Da (polyethylene 
glycols & oxides)

Max. % organic: 20%

Shipping solvent:water

Polyethylene glycol and oxide calibration curves for TSKgel PWxl columns

  • Model: 08020
  • Manufactured by: Tosoh BioScience