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Tosoh TSKgel SuperOligoPW GFC Column, 3 μm, ID 4.6 mm x L 3.5 cm - 22796

Gel Filtration Chromatography

TSKgel SuperOligoPW GFC Column, 3 μm, ID 4.6 mm x Length 3.5 cm

The TSKgel SuperOligoPW
 column is packed with spherical, mono-disperse polymethacrylate particles. It belongs to the semi-micro type of SEC columns (6 mm ID, 15 cm length) providing high theoretical plate numbers at half of the length of a conventional SEC column. The main application area for the TSKgel SuperOligoPW columns is the analysis of water-soluble oligomers or hydrolysates of water soluble polymers. Figure 1 shows the calibration curve for TSKgel SuperOligoPW. Figure 2 shows the benefits of the TSKgel SuperOligoPW semi-micro column over a conventional SEC column, namely the improved resolution and short analysis time. 

Product Attributes:
Base material:polymethacrylate

Particle size (mean):3 μm

Exclusion limit (Da)


Separation range (Da)
(PEO, PEG):  

Theoretical plates:

> 16,000

Polyethylene glycol and oxide calibration curves for TSKgel SuperOligoPW column

Analysis of PEG 200. Comparison between TSKgel SuperOligoPW and TSKgel G-Oligo-PW

  • Model: 22796
  • Manufactured by: Tosoh BioScience