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Upchurch Stainless Steel Tubing

This seamless, precut stainless steel tubing is designed to meet the exacting requirements of today’s analyses. This tubing is machine cut and polish each end, deburr the inside and outside edges, and passivate the tubing. Finally, it is flush reagent-grade isopropanol through each piece. The thorough preparation and cleaning procedure guarantees tubing that is truly ready-to-use, with flat, burr-free ends and a clean finish. This care is important in achieving zero-dead-volume connections and good chromatographic results. There is a variety of precut lengths as well as longer lengths (5’ and 25’) of some sizes available. Cutting the tubing disturbs and roughens the tubing’s end surface, so we recommend using our precut tubing whenever possible. If you need to cut tubing to custom lengths, we suggest you then passivate the tubing.

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