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VICI Jour PEEK Tubing

Considered relatively inert and biocompatible, polyetheretherketone tubing can withstand temperatures up to 100°C. Under the right circumstances, .005" - .020" ID tubing can be used up to 5000 psi for a limited time, and 0.030" to 3000 psi. Larger IDs are typically good to 500 psi. These limits will be substantially reduced at elevated temperatures and in contact with some solvents or acids. Its mechanical properties allow PEEK to be used instead of stainless in many situations and in some environments where stainless would be too reactive. However, PEEK can be somewhat absorptive of solvents and analytes, notably methylene chloride, DMSO, THF, and high concentrations of sulfuric and nitric acid. This tubing is highly prone to "kinking", or sealing off, if held in a sharp bend over time.