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Waters Atlantis HILIC Silica Column, 2.1 x 30 mm, 3 µm - 186002009

Price: £485.55


Atlantis dC18 columns are a difunctionally bonded, silica-based C18 line of columns that exhibit superior retention of polar compounds via reversed-phase HPLC and are designed to retain polar compounds and operate in 100% aqueous mobile phases. For reversed-phase separations of polar compounds, Waters suggests that you consider our HPLC column product: Atlantis T3 HPLC columns. Atlantis T3 and ACQUITY UPLC HSS T3 columns are the industry standards for retaining and separating polar compounds via reversed-phase HPLC and UPLC. Atlantis T3 HPLC columns offer all the advantages of Atlantis dC18 columns and similar selectivities for most compounds. In addition, Atlantis T3 columns provide longer column lifetime at low pH along with improved column stability and peak shape for amine-containing bases at pH 7.

% Carbon Load N/A
Chemistry HILIC
Endcapped No
Endfitting Type Waters
Format Column
Inner Diameter (id) 2.1 mm
Ion Exchange Capacity N/A
Length (mm) 30 mm
Mode Hydrophilic Interaction (HILIC)
Molecular Weight Range N/A
Particle Shape Spherical
Particle Size 3 µm
Particle Substrate Silica
Pore Size 100Å
Silanol Activity High
Solvent N/A
Surface Area 330
USP Classification L3
Units in Package 1/pkg
pH Range 1 - 5

  • Model: 186002009
  • Manufactured by: Waters

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