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Waters Analytical Standards and Reagents

Quality standards and reagents you require, provided for your convenience

Waters understands that standards and reagents are a vital component for achieving optimal performance and compliance using analytical instrumentation.  The technical as well as regulatory requirements for preparation, documentation and testing of analytical standards and reagents are becoming increasingly complex and time consuming. To address this critical need, Waters is introducing Analytical Standards and Reagents.  This new business is focused entirely on manufacturing and certifying standards and reagents for your analytical laboratory.

 These products will enhance your productivity, strengthen your compliance, support globalization, and stimulate your business’ future growth.

  • Prepared in our accredited facility
  • Saves costly validation time of standards and reagents
  • Easy and convenient formulations and packaging
  • Ensures accuracy of LC and LC/MS results over time
  • Optimized kits to keep your system operating at peak performance

Please note this section is currently under construction.