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Waters TruView pH Control LCMS Certified Vials

The vial of choice for MS applications

The analysis of low abundance species, pH sensitive analytes or not yet well understood compound mixtures benefit from consistent and well controlled vial surfaces. The glass surface of TruView pH Control LCMS Certified Vials minimizes pH shifts away from the neutral and thus eliminates unwanted reactions and resulting ghost peaks. The surface of the glass vials also show low adsorption characteristics. This is relevant in laboratories requiring a high level of vial-to vial reproducibility for high value samples.

TruView autosampler vials are rigorously tested for dimensional characteristics, cleanliness with mass spectrometry, and adsorption using a variety of techniques including UPLC-UV and UPLC-MS and impact on analyte pH. Unlike today’s standard vials, TruView Vials are the only vials tested and certified for low analyte adsorption at 1 ng/mL and a maximum pH shift – making them the ideal solution for MS applications.

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