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XRD Software


Automation Software
Of course no hardware control system is complete without comprehensive control and data analysis software. Operating in the Microsoft Windows® environment are two 32 bit software packages; Visual XRD and Traces.
Visual XRD provides control of hardware function of the 122E automation module and XRD system and enable the data acquisition. All scan modes and computer aided setup are available.

Traces is designed to work with real world data and offers a comprehensive data analysis system from background stripping to pattern generation to search/match capability. File formats are open-access compatible ASCII formats allowing interchangeability of data between alternate XRD data analysis software. Traces provides full integration with current releases of ICDD PDF-2 and PDF-4+ databases.



Search match for Qualitative ID of phases, using the DSearch option in Traces software, and either a PDF-2 or a PDF-4+ database from ICDD®.

Quantitative Analysis using the Rietveld pattern synthesis quantitative software SIROQUANT®. This application is the analysis of Anhydrite production for Plaster Board manufacture, tracking the kiln dehydration of Gypsum, through Bassanite to Anyhdrite.

Peak Fitting and Deconvolution

Data Collection

3D Visualization

Isometric Multi-Scan Display

Redisual Stress

A range of detector and monochromator options are also available. Complementary software packages are available for integration with Traces. These are DSearch, Siroquant, Index and Unit Cell.

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