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QLA Bent PEEK 120mm Cannula (900ml), Caleva Compatible - CAN475-SC

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Bent PEEK 120mm (4.75") Cannula 

With Luer Adaptor for 900ml Manual Sampling
Pack Contents: Each

Suitable for Caleva sampling applications

Sampling Cannulae are used to take samples from the dissolution test. Choice of cannula is important as the sampling method must not adversely affect the accuracy of the dissolution test and cause erroneous results.

Key Considerations:

  • Sampling Position - this is important as there can be a concentration of the solution may vary according to the sampling position. The sample should be taken midway between the top of the stirring element and at least 10mm away from the side of the vessel.
  • Cannula Length - cannulae vary in length from 4.75” (120mm) to 15” (380mm). There are different lengths for 500ml and 900ml tests as the midpoint will change with the volume. Extended lengths are normally used for “through the head sampling” whereby the cannula passes through the drive head of the dissolution bath.
  • Cannula Material - The cannulae are made from either stainless steel or PEEK so that they do not adsorb or interfere with the active ingredient
  • Stoppers - cannulae can be used with stoppers during manual sampling to ensure that the sample is always taken from the same depth.

Sampling Position

The USP defines the sampling position as: 

''A zone half way between the top of the media and top of the paddle or basket, not less than 1cm from the vessel wall.'' 

It should be noted that the sampling position is different for 500ml and 900ml tests.


  • Model: CAN475-SC
  • Manufactured by: QLA