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QLA Stationary Basket Assembly, 40 Mesh, Distek Compatible- STABSK-40-D (2800-0021)

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Stationary Basket Assembly, 40 Mesh, Distek Compatible

QLA Part Number: STABSK-40-D

Serialised with laser engraving
Easy basket identification means that you can put the same basket back in the same position to ensure enhanced reproducibility.

Sintered Mesh
Every stainless steel basket is manufactured using a sintered mesh. Sintering is a strengthening process that compresses and heats the mesh under high pressures and temperatures. This results in welded joins at all the wire overlaps and adds considerable strength and longevity to the basket.

Care & Maintenance

  • Basket Handling – Dissolution basket mesh is easily bent and good practice dictates that a basket should only be handled by the rim, not least because oily deposits from fingers can be left on the mesh.
  • Basket Cleaning – Care should be exercised to ensure that baskets are clean prior to use. Often the dosage form can clog the mesh which will prevent free media movement into the basket. Careful cleaning is required to ensure there is no contamination between tests.
  • Basket Storage – Baskets should be stored correctly to extend their life. They can frequently be found rolling around in a lab drawer! Baskets can easily be stored in the supplier’s case or using a specially designed basket holder.

  • Model: STABSK-40-D
  • Manufactured by: QLA