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QLA Solid PTFE Paddle, 16.5 inch, Distek Compatible - TPD016-02 (2800-0178)

Price: £106.24

Solid PTFE Paddle, 16.5 inch (405mm)

Equivalent to Distek OEM No: 2800-0178
Pack Contents: Each

  • Distek compatible - Suitable for use on Distek waterbaths (not suitable for bathless operation)
  • Constructed from electropolished type 316 stainless steel for smooth rotation and resistance to bending.
  • US Pharmacopeia compliant
  • Laser marked with a unique serial number for easy identification

The Paddle
Apparatus 2, commonly known as the paddle method, has similar physical specifications to those of Apparatus 1 with a paddle substituted for the rotating basket. Some of the dimensions and tolerances for the paddle are critical if consistent results are to be obtained from vessel to vessel.

The USP specifies that the paddle must rotate smoothly without significant wobble. The arc of the paddle blade creates considerable flow and any wobble will have an exaggerated effect on the flow profile.

The contours of the paddle blade must not include any sharp edges – at the tips for instance – that could produce turbulent instead of laminar flow patterns. The USP constrains wobble and vertical alignment with the axis of the vessel to within ±2.0mm.

Key Considerations

Electropolished Type 316 Stainless Steel – The strong 316 stainless steel (316 S.S.) shaft has a high resistance to bending. It is electropolished for smooth rotation.

PTFE Coated – The USP suggests that paddles may be coated with an inert coating. Most paddles are accordingly coated with PTFE or another inert coating. Such coating 
serves two purposes: 
• It prevents corrosion and the introduction of unwanted ions into the media
• It seals the joint where the blade is attached to the shaft, thus preventing the accumulation of contaminant traces

Solid PTFE – The single piece moulded design features a fluoropolymer blade and single-piece stem moulded over an electropolished, 316 stainless steel shaft. The innovative design features no paddle-to-shaft joint, thus eliminating potential cross-contamination and removing a probable corrosion path. Wobble is also considerably reduced in the solid PTFE paddle due to its being a single piece cast.

Care & Maintenance

Paddle Storage – Bent or scratched paddles fail to comply with USP regulations so it is essential not to store paddles on a desk or loose in a drawer where damage or corrosion can occur. Proper storage in a basket shaft/paddle holder can prevent damage occurring.

A Wobble Meter (WOBMET-MI) is available to monitor paddle wobble


  • Model: TPD016-02
  • Manufactured by: QLA