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QLA ASTM Validation Toolkit - VALTOL-ASTM

Price: £1,531.66

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ASTM Validation Tool Kit, Serialised with 1 year calibration - Not for use on Hanson Vision or Sotax

ASTM Validation Tool Kit includes: 

  • Centering Gauge
  • Wobble Meter
  • 25mm Depth Set Tool
  • Go/No Go Gauge
  • Adapters
  • Digital Verticality Meter
  • Manual Verticality Tools 


Suitable for Bath Models:

  • Agilent: 705, 708-DS, 709-DS, VK700/710, VK7000/7010, VK7020 7025 7030 V-Series
  • Distek: 2100 A/B/C, 2500, 5100, 6100, 6300, 7100
  • Erweka: DT126/128 Light, DT141x, DT161x, DT600, DT720, DT820
  • Pharmatest: PT-DT70, PTWS 120D, PTWS 120S, PTWS 1210, PTWS 620, PTWS 820, PTWS 820D
  • Teledyne Hanson: SR8/ SR8-Plus, Vision Classic 6, Vision Elite 8

Cert of Calibration: Yes
Serialized: Yes
UOM/Pack Size: EACH

It is important to ensure the dissolution bath is working as intended, and giving precise and reproducible results. To do this it is important that the bath meets the USP or ASTM physical specifications. The ASTM variables are tighter as they rely only on the physical measurement whereas the USP also requires a test using calibrator tablets.

Mechanical Calibration parameters are easily verified using QLA’s innovative family of Calibration Tools. All are supplied with NIST traceable calibration certificates and user manuals. These Calibration tools have been designed for use on most Dissolution Baths.

  • Model: VALTOL-ASTM
  • Manufactured by: QLA