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QLA Universal Precision Spirit Level - LEVEL-UN

Price: £94.79

Universal Precision Spirit Level QLA innovated product

Level your dissolution bath for accurate results

Correct dissolution bath levelling is often overlooked. If the tester is not level then the shafts are effectively stirring at an angle from the horizontal. This can result in flow turbulence in the vessels and inaccurate results.

The QLA certified level is a simple, round spirit level that allows quick and easy verification of the level in all directions at once. Some testers are supplied with linear level checks but these require checking in multiple positions to obtain the same degree of accuracy.

The spirit level is 38mm in diameter and has a height of 13mm, making it perfect for placing in small spaces. Ideally, it should be used on the base plate of the tester to ensure that the vessels are level.

The level of a dissolution bath is often overlooked. It should not be assumed that the laboratory bench is level. This is one of the parameters that should be checked on installation and some dissolution testers have an in-built level checking device.Testers which are not level can give erroneous results and the media rotation is not linear within the vessel.Level should be tested front to back as well as side to side. A calibrated level will provide an accurate measurement of this. If the bath is moved for any reason then this parameter will need to be re-checked.

  • Model: LEVEL-UN
  • Manufactured by: QLA