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QLA Ever-Clear Dissolution Bath Algaecide, Single Dose, 48 pack - EVERCLEAR-48

Price: £513.45

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Ever-Clear Water Bath Treatment, Single Dose, 48 pack

QLA Part Number: EVERCLEAR-12

Fits Bath Models:

  • Agilent: 705, 708-DS, APP 3/APP7, VK100 Disintegration, VK700/710, VK7000/7010, VK7020 7025 7030 V-Series
  • Distek: 2100 A/B/C, 2500, 6300
  • Electrolab: EDT-08Lx, EDT-14Lx, EDT-208Lx, EDT-406Lx, TDT-12T
  • Erweka: DT126/128 Light, DT141x, DT161x, DT600, DT720, DT820
  • Pharmatest: PT-DT70, PTWS 120D, PTWS 120S, PTWS 1210, PTWS 620, PTWS 820, PTWS 820D
  • Sotax: AT MD, AT Xtend, AT7, AT7 Smart, AT70 Smart
  • Teledyne Hanson: SR8/ SR8-Plus, Vision Classic 6, Vision Elite 8

UOM/Pack Size: PACK/48

EVER-CLEAR is a highly soluble water preservative compound which prevents the growth of bacteria and algae.

A clean dissolution bath allows the dissolution process to be viewed easily to ensure there are no issues which may impact results. Clean dissolution baths lead to better temperature control and reduced maintenance on the temperature control system. Uncontrolled growth in the system can clog circulation lines and reduce temperature accuracy and stability. EVER-CLEAR prevents micro-organism growth so this is never a problem.

EVER-CLEAR is non-hazardous, and its environmentally friendly formula does not require any special disposal instructions. This formula has been enhanced with special cleaning agents that will make subsequent bath cleanings easier to perform. The regular use of this product will reduce the effect of microorganism build-up inside the bath and within the pump and heater.

Directions for Use:
We highly recommend that this product be used with DEIONIZED or better quality water. Discolored water will result if tap water is used. Also, the use of safety glasses is advised when using this product. Remove cap and pour the entire contents of container into a heated, circulating bath at 37° C. One single dose container will protect a bath of 6-8 vessels for 8 weeks. There is no need to empty the bath while using EVER-CLEAR; simply add one container to your bath every 8 weeks. Static systems can be treated with the same dose quantity, if agitated.

CAUTION: Avoid direct contact with skin or eyes. Immediately wash any affected area with large amounts of water. All active ingredients in EVER-CLEAR have been FDA and EPA registered and approved. Store in original container in a dry area at temperature below 27° C. (80° F.) away from oxidizers, sources of ignition, and sunlight. Do not reuse this container. 

  • Model: EVERCLEAR-48
  • Manufactured by: QLA

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