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QLA DV Series Sampling Probe, Bottom Only (1000mL) - CAN1KBM-DV

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DV Series Sampling Probe, Bottom Only (1000mL) 

This is a locking bottom and to be used with the DV Series Sampling Probe. Also used with CANTOP-DV

The New 
Cannula Assembly incorporates a unique Filter Assembly with a significantly increased capacity over the 
Original Design, which is currently used in numerous Dissolution Labs. The New QLA Design also 
incorporates additional significant improvements over the Original Design. 

Problems associated with the Original Design: 
  • Capacity – The Original Design uses a small disc filter element which may clog prematurely after 
    passing only a small sample volume. This is critical for methods that require multiple sample time points 
    or large sample volumes which is often the case with UV analysis. Also, automated sampling systems 
    commonly require several ml of wash volume to eliminate carryover.
  • Changing the filter element - The filter disc is installed flush with the end of the housing and can only be 
    removed with a tool.
  • Back Washing – The original design incorporates a filter cap which is retained by a friction fit o-ring. 
    The friction fit is not sufficient to handle the high pressure which is likely to occur during back washing. 
    Back washing is a desirable method of extending the life of the filter element. Most autosampling 
    systems may be programmed to perform backwashing. 
Advantages of the New Design: 
  • Capacity – The “New Design” is a cylindrical shape with more than eight times the surface area than the 
    “Original Design”. The new filter element is a well known dissolution filter which has been validated 
    on hundreds of dissolution methods world wide and is currently being used in numerous dissolution 
    laboratories. This element is in high production and is readily available in 10, 35,45 and 70 microns. 
  • Changing the filter element – The filter element extends beyond the end of the filter cap and is easily 
    removed without tools. 
  • Back Washing – The filter cap is locked on with a unique quick connect design which permits easy 
    installation. This design permits the high back pressures encountered while back washing. 
Materials of construction: 
  • Cannula – 316 Stainless Steel 
  • Filter Housing – Kynar (flouropolymer) 
  • O-ring – Silicone compound 
  • Filter Element – High Density Polyethylene 
  • Surface Area = .6767 in² 
  • Dead Volume = 0.5 ml 
Carryover Considerations:

Components in the fluidic sampling path all contribute to the total hold up volume. Carryover tests are 
typically conducted during method development so that adequate wash volumes may be employed to 
eliminate hold up volume and to insure the integrity of the delivered sample. 

Changing any of the components in the sampling path of existing methods should take into consideration 
any potential change to the total hold up volume. Increases to the total hold up volume must be 
accompanied by a similar change in the wash volume to maintain the integrity of the delivered sample.

Due to the larger capacity filter element, the “New Design” cannula has approximately 0.5 ml more hold 
up volume than the “Old Design” cannula. When replacing “Old Design” cannula with “New Design” 
cannula in existing methods, the wash volume should be increased by 0.5ml at each sample time point.

The Case for Resident Cannula: 

Resident Cannula offer important advantages over Automated Cannula which are automatically lowered 
into the vessel at sample time point. Some of these advantages include: 

  • Simplicity of design – No moving parts to potentially fail and no programming required for the cannula 
    to enter the vessel. Also, changing from 900 to 500 ml media volume is a simpler task for the Resident 
  • Lower initial cost – Automated probes are stepper motor driven and software controlled and therefore 
    add a great deal of complexity and expense to the cost of the Dissolution Bath. Automated Cannula also 
    require more maintenance than Resident Cannula.

  • Model: CAN1KBM-DV
  • Manufactured by: QLA