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QLA Hinged Vessel Low Evaporation Cover - COVERH-LLHG

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Hinged Vessel Evaporation Cover

Vessel Evaporation Cover/Low Loss, Hinged for Hanson
Pack Contents: Each

  • Manufactured from inert plastic material
  • Two sampling cannulae holes for Distek sample probes (0.53", 13.5mm diameter)
  • Fully rotating design to totally enclose vessel

Vessel Covers
The loss of media due to evaporation and condensation can be considerable. Vessel Covers should reduce these problems and provide openings to accommodate cannulae and stoppers.

Cover styles include all common one-piece and hinged covers, as well as a unique rotary configuration. Industry standard openings are provided to accommodate standard cannulae and stoppers.

Key Considerations

Evaporation Losses are reduced by using vessel covers with a minimal open area during the test. Slots and holes for temperature verification, sample introduction and sample collection should be closed when not in use.

Cannula Stoppers – Cannulae can be used with stoppers during manual sampling to ensure that the sample is always taken from the same depth. Vessel covers must have the appropriate hole for the stopper (which is attached to the cannula) to sit in.The stopper and cannula must match the vessel cover type or manufacturer.

  • Model: COVERH-LLHG
  • Manufactured by: QLA

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