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Installation Qualification (IQ)

Establishing confidence that process equipment and ancillary systems are capable of consistently operating within established limits and tolerances.

Generally speaking, the IQ should verify that the Design Specifications have been met. A good set of design specifications make creating the IQ a much easier task.

The IQ is often considered the first of the qualifications, followed by the Operational Qualification (OQ) and the Performance Qualification (PQ). However, the importance of the Design Qualification (DQ), occuring before the IQ, should not be overlooked.

Installation Qualification as the name suggests is carried out after, or concurrently with, the installation of the equipment or system at the user’s premises.

The purpose of the Installation Qualification is to provide documentary evidence that the system has been built and installed correctly and that all required supporting services (e.g. electrical power of the correct voltage [particularly important when installing equipment manufactured in a country where the supply voltage is different from that in the users facility] and capacity, water and compressed air systems of the required quality and capacity) are available and connected correctly.

The equipment or system, unless portable, must be installed in its final location where it is intended to be used, in an area and environment suitable for its intended usage

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