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Waters Quattro Micro API Tandem Quadrupole LC MS/MS System

Price: £18,500.00  £15,999.00
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Waters Quattro Micro LCMS/MS System

Featuring a totally refurbished and fully operational Waters Quattro Micro™ combined with a Waters Alliance 2695 HPLC system; 2-2000 amu.

The Waters Quattro™ Micro LC/MS/MS Mass Spectrometry System features :

ESI probe, Z-spray APCI probe, Edwards roughing pump, data station and flat monitor, keyboard, mouse, MassLynx 4.1 software, manuals and all necessary cables. The package comprises a compact benchtop, robust, fully operational Quattro Micro triple quadrupole instrument with excellent performance for quantitative analysis.

The Quattro Micro LC/MS/MS system features include:

High-sensitivity full-scan MS, MS/MS with high-selectivity from true triple quadrupole precursor ion (PI) and neutral loss (NL) scans with the Quattro Micro.

Multiple reaction monitoring for quantification using high-sensitivity triple quadrupole with the Quattro Micro.

Fast and easy identification, characterisation, and quantification of metabolites with the Quattro Micro.

The Alliance 2695 Separations Module is a pre-owned high performance liquid chromatographic (LC) system with a quaternary, low-pressure mixing pump and inline vacuum degassing. Flow rates from 50 uL/min to 5 mL/min can be generated for use with 2.1 mm ID columns and larger.

The autosampler has a maximum capacity of 120 vials (12x32, 2-mL) with programmable temperature control from 4 to 40°C.

A heated column compartment provides temperatures from 5 degrees above ambient to 65°C.

A range of LC detectors, like a dual wavelength- or PDA UV detector is optionally available.

System re-manufactured to original specifications of the Waters Quattro Micro.

MassLynx rev 4.1 software for the Waters Quattro Micro.

Installation and support by our technical specialists for the Waters Quattro Micro.

Full 6 or (optionally) 12 months warranty.

Waters / ISS Quattro Micro service contract options available after the warranty period.


  • Model: Quattro Micro LC MS/MS System
  • Manufactured by: Waters

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