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K Series Spectrophotometers

K Series Colour Screen and Touch Screen Spectrophotometers


  • 7" color LCD and windows Graphic interface
  • Powerful functions like Photometric measurement, Quantitative measurement, Kinetics, Spectrum scan, DNA/Protein test, Multi-wavelength test, etc.
  • In-house massive memory is capable of saving up to 1024M for test data  and working curves.
  • Supports USB and SD card storage. The USB port can be used for data transfer, which is easily exported to excel for further processing, analysis and storage.
  • Large sample chamber allows the easy interface of optional accessories.
  • Extensive accessories are available, such as auto 8-cell holder, peltier, sipper system, reflection accessories, 21 CRF compliant software, etc. 
  • Socket type deuterium and tungstem lamp can make lamps switching without optics debugging and easy to be replaced. 

Click here to Download the K Series Spectrophotometers Brochure