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Imtakt Cadenza

High efficiciency 3µm C18 optimized for Steric Selectivity.

The Cadenza family of columns is a high quality series of ODS columns with a ligand density optimized for steric selectivity. These powerful columns are able to distinguish subtle differences in your analytes making it an excellent choice for isomer separation, or detection of impurities. These columns have low back pressure due to the high quality of materials used in their manufacturing. With a unique polymeric end-capping these columns will also provide very little unwanted secondary interactions and better peak shape.

  • Unique ligand density provides excellent steric selectivity
  • High efficiency 3µ ODS column with low back-pressure
  • Excellent for impurity testing or isomer separation
  • Selectivity ideal for small molecule pharmaceutical testing or drugs of abuse
  • HT and UP hardware able to operate in pressures up to 1000 bar