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NUCLEOSIL® is a family of totally porous spherical silicas with a very pure and uniform SiO2 structure 
wide acceptance as routine packings for very different fields of chromatography
one of the first spherical silicas used in HPLC
developed in the early seventies, it became a world-renowned HPLC packing
still found in many analytical and preparative applications
an absolutely reliable choice in HPLC
the largest variety of modified HPLC silicas available on the market

Summary of available NUCLEOSIL® phases
RP phases
NUCLEOSIL® C18medium density octadecyl, endcapped-(CH2)17-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C18 ABcrosslinked octadecyl, endcapped, high steric selectivity-(CH2)17-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C18 HDhigh density octadecyl, endcapped-(CH2)17-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C18 Nautilushydrophilic octadecyl, embedded polar group, endcapped-(CH2)17-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® Protect Ispecial RP phase with protective polar group, endcapped
NUCLEOSIL® C8ecmedium density octyl, endcapped-(CH2)7-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C8standard octyl, not endcapped-(CH2)7-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C8 HDhigh density octyl, endcapped-(CH2)7-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C4medium density butyl, endcapped-(CH2)3-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C2dimethyl-(CH3)2
NUCLEOSIL® C6H5 ecmedium density phenyl, endcapped-(CH2)3-C6H5
NUCLEOSIL® C6H5standard phenyl, not endcapped-(CH2)3-C6H5
Polar phases
NUCLEOSIL® CNcyanopropyl (nitrile)-(CH2)3-CN
NUCLEOSIL® NO2nitrophenyl-(CH2)3-C6H4-NO2
NUCLEOSIL® OHdiol (dihydroxypropyl)-(CH2)3-O-CH2-CH(OH)-CH2OH
NUCLEOSIL® NH2aminopropyl-(CH2)3-NH2
NUCLEOSIL® N(CH3)2dimethylamino-(CH2)3-N(CH3)2
NUCLEOSIL® SAbenzenesulphonic acid, strongly acidic cation exchanger (SCX)-(CH2)3-C6H4-SO3Na
NUCLEOSIL® SBquaternary ammonium, strongly basic anion exchanger (SAX)-(CH2)3-C6H4-CH2-N+(CH3)3Cl
NUCLEOSIL® SiOHunmodified(SiO2)n