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MEGA Applications


Open and download in Pdf format our new technical literature. You can find tons of new application notes and tips to optimize and improve your GC analysis! 

Applications Table :

EPA Methods :

MEGA-DEX Chiral Columns : FAST-GC :
EPA Method 551 (Halogenated Volatiles)   NEW Alpha-Pinene  NEW Bergamot Oil - MEGA-1701 FAST   
EPA Method 602 (Purgeable Aromatics) Beta-Pinene Bergamot Oil - MEGA-SE54 FAST
EPA Method 604 (Phenols) Camphor Bergamot Oil - MEGA-WAX FAST
EPA Method 606 (Phthalate Esters) Cineol Chamomile Oil - MEGA-1701 FAST   
EPA Method 607 (Nitrosamines) Delta-Lactones - Gamma-Lactones Chamomile Oil - MEGA-SE54 FAST
EPA Method 608/8081 (Organochlorine Pesticides)  Hexobarbital Chamomile Oil - MEGA-WAX FAST
EPA Method 610/8100 (PAHs) Faustrime Essential Oil FAMEs cis-trans - MEGA-10 FAST
EPA Method 611/8110 (Haloethers) Isoborneol Allergens - MEGA-1701 FAST
EPA Method 612 (Chlorinated Hydrocarbons) Isobornyl Acetate Allergens - MEGA-SE54 FAST
EPA Method 619 (Triazines - Herbicides)    Isobornyl Acetate Allergens - MEGA-WAX FAST
  Lavandulol Pesticides - MEGA-1701 FAST
  Linalool, Linalyl Acetate Pesticides - MEGA-SE54 FAST
  Linalool, Linalool Oxyide Solvents - MEGA-VOC 2 FAST
  Menthols Residual Solvents (USP 467 - OVIs)
  Menthols 2  
  Menthone, Isomenthone   
  Carvone  NEW  
  Neomenthol  NEW  

General :

Custom Dedicate Columns Applications :
Alcohols Amines - Basic Compounds - MEGA-BASIC
Alkyl Naphthalens Anaesthetics Gases - MEGA-VOC 2   NEW
Amides Biodiesel FAMEs
Amines Biodiesel Glycerin, Triglycerides
Anaesthetics - Basic Drugs Blood Alcohol - MEGA-ALC 1 & 2
Butter Triglycerides FAMEs cis-trans - MEGA-10
Cyclic Hydrocarbons Halogenated Aqueous Compounds - MEGA-DAI
Dimethylanilines Olive Oil FAMEs cis-trans - MEGA-10
Drugs of Abuse - Basic Drugs Organophosphorus Pestic. - MEGA-POF 1   NEW
Drugs of Abuse - Cannabinoids Solvents - MEGA-SOLVE
FAMEs - C4-C18 Solvents 2 - MEGA-SOLVE    NEW
FAMEs - C6-C24 Solvents - MEGA-VOC 1    NEW
Flavor & Fragrances Compounds Sterols (TMS) - Corn Oil - MEGA-LAP
Food Pack. Residual Solvents   NEW Sterols (TMS) - Peanut Oil - MEGA-LAP
Free Acids Sterols (TMS) - Soy Oil - MEGA-LAP
Ketones Sterols (TMS) - Sunflower Oil - MEGA-LAP
Natural Gas Hydrocarbons Triglycerides - Hazelnut Oil - MEGA-LAP
Nitrosamines Triglycerides - Olive Oil - MEGA-LAP
Organic Acids Vodka - MEGA-WAX Spirit   NEW
Organophosphorus Pesticides Solvents List - MEGA-SOLVE  
Sterols - Olive Oil  
Volatile Acidic Compounds  
AROCLOR (PCBs) - Quick Screening  
Basic Drugs Underivatized  


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