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SFC Columns

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) has become more attractive because it offers some advantages over HPLC, such as high speed, unique selectivity and environmentally friendly separations. Many conventional normal-phase stationary phases, such as diol, amino and cyano, have been used for SFC applications. However, these phases present limitations for separations. COSMOSIL SFC Columns have been developed to enhance the capability of SFC separations.

Nacalai Tesque has developed columns specially designed for SFC in collaboration with Nacalai USA and Pfizer, Inc. Global R&D: COSMOSIL HP, PY (equivalent to 2-ethylpyridine) and Quinoline. In addition to these, our HPLC columns Cholester and PBr have been tested for use with SFC.

Packing Material Bonded Phase Bonding Type Average Particle Size (μm) Average Pore Size ( Å ) Carbon Content (%) Special Features and Applications USP Category
HP 3-Hydroxyphenyl group Polymeric 3, 5 120 - Good for hydrophilic compounds. Stronger retention for basic compounds than PY -
PY Pyridinyl group 2.5, 5   - Similar separation properties as 2-Ethylpyridine, with stronger retention. -
Quinoline Quinoline group Mono- meric 2.5 130   Alternate selectivity to HP and PY. -
Cholester Cholesteryl group 5 130 21 Usable under the same conditions as C18. Unique rigid cholesteryl structure improves separation. L101
120 20
PBr Pentabromobenzyl group 5 120 8 Separate hydrophilic compounds under reversed-phase conditions. -