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Develosil ODS Series Columns


Please use FlexFire C18 Columns

Physical properties of Develosil OD S Series

Column name Ligand Carbon End Capping Surface area Pore diameter Pore volume Range of pH
ODS Octadecyl (Monfunctional) 20% Yes (Single) 350m2 /g 12nm (120 A) 1.05mL/g pH2-7.5
ODS-K Octadecyl (Monfunctional) 19% Yes (Single)
ODS-N Octadecyl (Monfunctional) 17% Yes (Single)
ODS-P Octadecyl (Monfunctional) 11% Yes (Single)
ODS-T Octadecyl (Trifunctional) 20% Yes (Single)
ODS-A Octadecyl (Trifunctional) 19% No