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TSKgel Polymer-based Columns

Reversed Phase Chromatography

Polymethacrylate-based reversed phase columns are available in a range of pore and particle sizes. 


  • Polymer-based RPC columns are chemically stable from pH 2-12, allowing operation at basic pH where silica-based columns have limited chemical stability.
  • Polymer-based TSKgel RPC columns can be cleaned and endotoxin removed by using either strong acid or base.
  • Polymer-based TSKgel RPC columns are available packed with nonporous resins (NPR) or with porous resins of various sizes. The proper column to use is selected based on sample MW or application.


    Phenyl-5PW RP

     2.5 µm particle size 
     fast kinetics, 
     high column efficiency, 
    protein recovery 
    at sub-µg loads.

    TSKgel Octadecyl-2PW is based on 5 µm particle size G2000PW resin, with 125 Å pores.

    TSKgel Octadecyl-4PW is based on 7 µm particle size G4000PW resin, which contains 500 Å pores.

    TSKgel Phenyl-5PW RP is based on 10 µm particle size G5000PW resin, which has an average pore size of 1000 Å.

    Please browse our catalogue of TSKgel Reversed Phase Polymer-based columns and guard cartridges by clicking on a link below.