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Tosoh TSKgel ODS-80Ts QA Guard Cartridge for 4.6 mm ID Columns, 3/Pkg 5 μm, ID 3.2 mm x L 1.5 cm - 19011

Reversed Phase Columns: Silica-based

TSKgel ODS-80Ts QA Guard Cartridges for 4.6 mm ID 3.2 mm x Length 1.5 cm

Pack of 3 - Requires Cartridge Holder 19018

TSKgel ODS-80Ts QA columns were developed specifically for use by QA/QC departments that require highly reproducible separations. These columns are prepared from the same endcapped C18 packing material as TSKgel ODS-80Ts columns, but with narrower manufacturing specifications to meet the demand for high reproducibility.

The variation between different lots of TSKgel ODS-80Ts QA packing material is minimized by selecting batches of TSKgel ODS-80Ts that fall within a very narrow range of specifications, as demonstrated in the table below. In addition, each column must pass demanding specifications for efficiency (N) and peak asymmetry, as are spelled out in the Operating Conditions and Specifications sheet. The end result is TSKgel ODS-80Ts QA columns that exhibit an unparalleled level of reproducibility for retention, selectivity (k´), efficiency (N), and peak symmetry.

  • Model: 19011
  • Manufactured by: Tosoh BioScience