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Tosoh TSKgel SuperMultiporePW-N GFC Guard Column, 5 μm, ID 4.6 mm x L 3.5 cm - 22793

Gel Filtration Chromatography

TSKgel SuperMultiporePW-N GFC Guard Column, 5 μm, ID 4.6 mm x Length 3.5 cm

TSKgel SuperMultiporePW
 columns are packed with spherical, mono-disperse, polymethacrylate particles incorporating the proprietary multi-pore particle technology. Each particle each contains a wide range of pore sizes in order to provide near linear calibration curves. They belong to the semi-micro type of SEC columns (6 mm ID, 15 cm length) providing high theoretical plate numbers at half of the length of a conventional SEC column. The TSKgel SuperMultiporePW series comprises of three column types covering different molecular weight ranges (PW-N; PW-M, PW-H).

The main application area for TSKgel SuperMultiporePW columns is the analysis of water-soluble polymers, such as celluloses, acrylamides, glycols, dextrans, polyvinylalcohol, and oligosaccharides. Figure 1 shows the near linear calibration curves for the three SuperMultiporePW-type columns. Figure 2 shows the benefits of TSKgel SuperMultiporePW columns over a combination of different conventional SEC columns, namely the improved resolution and the smooth peak shapes without any inflection points.

Product Attributes:


Base material:polymethacrylatepolymethacrylatepolymethacrylate

Particle size:4 µm5 µm8 µm (6-10 µm)

Exclusion limit (Da):  120,0001,000,00010,000,000

Separation range (Da)
300 ~ 50,000500,000  ~ 1,000,0001,000~10,000,000
Theoretical plates:
> 16,000> 12,000> 7,000

Analysis of polyvinylpyrrolidone

MW calibration curve 

  • Model: 22793
  • Manufactured by: Tosoh BioScience