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Shodex HPLC Column PROTEIN LW-803 ID 8mm L 300mm - F6989303

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PROTEIN KW / PROTEIN LW columns separation by size also for high molecular weight

PROTEIN LW-803 HPLC Standard column - For antibody drugs analysis - Gel Filtration (GFC) - 3μm - 8.0mm I.D. x 300mm Length

Shodex Product Number: F6989303

The silica-based SEC (GFC) column for proteins and enzymes


Description PROTEIN LW-803 300x8mm
Chemistry Producers Term LW
Gel material Silica
Mode of Separation Gel Filtration (GFC) / SEC Size Exclusion
Functional group Hydrophilic polymer / Hydroxyl
Plates per column ≥ 12,000
Housing material steel
Maximum pressure 15 MPa (150 bar)
Usual flow rate 1.0 mL/min
Maximum flow rate 1.5 mL/min
Temperature range 4 to 45°C
pH range 3.0 to 7.5
Salt concentration ≤ 0.3 M
Shipping solvent H2O
MW range 10,000 - 700,000
Exclusion limit (1,000,000)
Internal Diameter 8 mm
Length 300 mm
Particle Size 3 µm
Pore Size 300 Å (max. 1,000 Å)

PROTEIN LW-803 and LW-403 4D Features

More and more monoclonal antibodies (mAb) are used for therapeutic drugs. The pore size of the Shodex PROTEIN LW-803 and LW-403 4D is suitable for this analysis.

  • Pore size specifically controlled for analyzing proteins with a molecular weight of several hundred of thousand
  • High performance analysis of antibody drugs and various proteins
  • High lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Fulfills USP-NF L20 - Dihydroxypropane groups chemically bonded to porous silica or hybrid particles, 1.5-10 μm in diameter, or a monolithic silica rod.
  • Fulfills USP-NF L33 - Packing having the capacity to separate dextrans by molecular size over a range of 4,000 to 500,000 Da. It is spherical, silica-based, and processed to provide pH stability.
  • Fulfills USP-NF L59 - Packing for the size-exclusion separations of proteins (separation by molecular weight) over the range of 5 to 7000 kDa. The packing is a spherical 1.5- to 10-μm, silica or hybrid packing with a hydrophilic coating.

PROTEIN LW-803 Possible Applications

  • Calibration Curve for LW-803 (Proteins)
  • Analysis of Epoetin According to USP-NF Method (LW-803)
  • Analysis of Erythropoietin According to EP Method (LW-803)
  • Analysis of Somatropin According to EP Method (LW-803)
  • Comparison of SEC Separation of IgG between LW-403 4D and LW-803
  • Comparison of SEC Separation of Standard Proteins between LW-403 4D and LW-803
  • Monitoring Papain Digestion of Humanized Monoclonal IgG (LW-803)
  • SEC Analysis of Antibody Drug Conjugate (LW-803)
  • SEC Analysis of Rituximab (LW-803)
  • Comparison of SEC Separation of IgG between LW-403 4D and LW-803
  • Comparison of SEC Separation of Standard Proteins between LW-403 4D and LW-803

Range of Aqueous SEC (GFC) Columns: Silica-based Columns

Product Code Product Name Plate Number
Particle Size
Pore Size
Column Size (mm)
I.D. x Length
Shipping Solvent
KW-800 Series | Standard columns | Base Material: Silica 
F6989000 PROTEIN KW-802.5 ≥ 21,000 5 400 8.0 x 300 H2O
F6989103 PROTEIN KW-803 ≥ 21,000 5 1,000 8.0 x 300 H2O
F6989104 PROTEIN KW-804 ≥ 16,000 7 1,500 8.0 x 300 H2O
F6700131 PROTEIN KW-G 6B (guard column) 7 6.0 x 50 H2O
KW400 Series | High performance semi-micro columns | Base Material: Silica
F6989201 KW402.5-4F ≥ 35,000 3 400 4.6 x 300 H2O
F6989202 KW403-4F ≥ 35,000 3 800 4.6 x 300 H2O
F6989203 KW404-4F ≥ 25,000 5 1,500 4.6 x 300 H2O
F6989204 KW405-4F ≥ 25,000 5 2,000 4.6 x 300 H2O
F6700132 KW400G-4A (guard column) 5 4.6 x 10 H2O
For antibody drugs analysis | Standard columns | Base Material: Silica
F6989303 PROTEIN LW-803 ≥ 12,000 3 1,000 8.0 x 300 H2O
F6700133 PROTEIN LW-G 6B (guard column) 3 6.0 x 50 H2O
For antibody drugs analysis | Semi-micro columns | Base Material: Silica
F6989403 PROTEIN LW-403 4D ≥ 11,000 1.9 1,000 4.6 x 150 H2O
F6700134 PROTEIN LS-G 4J (guard column) 1.9 4.6 x 20 H2O

  • Model: F6989303
  • Manufactured by: Showa Denko