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Tosoh TSKgel Super-Phenyl Stainless Steel Column, 2 μm, ID 4.6 mm x L 10 cm - 18278

Reversed Phase Columns: Silica-based

TSKgel Super-Phenyl Stainless Steel Column, 2 μm, ID 4.6 mm x Length 10 cm

TSKgel Super-Phenyl columns are packed with monodispersed 2 µm spherical silica particles covalently bonded with phenyl groups. The small particle size makes the Super series the highest efficiency reversed phase columns in the TSKgel product line. The monodispersed packing generates operational back pressures more typical of larger particles allowing the use of higher flow rates than other 2 micron packings and offers less hydrophobicity than TSKgel Super-Octyl and TSKgel Super-ODS.

TSKgel Super-Phenyl is an excellent choice for peptides, proteins, amino acids, tryptic digests, nucleotides, pharmaceutical molecules and food/beverage samples.


Pore size (silica):110 Å 

Exclusion Limit:20,000 Da


Particle size:2 μm 

pH stability:2.0 - 7.5

Functional group:Phenyl (polymeric 
bonding chemistry)

% carbon3%

Rapid separation of protein mixture on TSKgel Super-Phenyl

  • Model: 18278
  • Manufactured by: Tosoh BioScience