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Waters HPLC Pumps and Valves

Waters HPLC pumps enable you to customize HPLC systems to accommodate your solvent delivery needs, whether for isocratic or gradient, analytical or preparative.

Gradient Solvent Delivery

Typical Column I.D. (mm)  Max Flow Rate (mL/min)  Fluid Handling Unit  Sample Load  Software 
2.0 to 19.0   22.5 1525 EF  µg to tens of mg  MassLynx™ or Empower™ 2 
4.6 to 30.0  50.0 2535 Quaternary Gradient Module  mg to g  MassLynx or Empower 2 
4.6 to 50.0   150.0 2545 Quaternary Gradient Module  mg to g  MassLynx or Empower 2 
4.6 to 50.0   150.0 2545 Binary Gradient Module  mg to g  MassLynx 
7.8 to 75.0   300.0 2555 Quaternary Gradient Module  mg to tens of g  MassLynx or Empower 2 


  • Reagent Manager
  • In-Line Degasser
  • Prep Degasser